Morning Toast

I’m a UX Professional & Developer by day but when free time permits…

I make games

I’m currently making small retro-inspired games for the Pico-8 console. You can play them online at the Morning Toast page. I recommend Invader Overload, it’s pretty fun.

I write

I’ve been writing online since the late-90s. I write most often at 1005 Holds and TMA News & Reviews, as well as here and on Medium. I’m keen on interviewing people, such as former Nintendo Power employees, when I have the chance.

I sell

I created 1005 Holds Pro Wrestling Magnetic Poetry and sell them online. I’m also very good at selling other people’s things, especially if they align with my interests.

I play

I created and manage Redline Derby Racing, a community for diecast racing hobbyists…that’s right, we race Hot Wheels toy cars, for real. I’m a life long gamer and former Nintendo world record holder.

I entertain

Writing reviews, making games, podcasting, racing toy cars…it’s all about entertainment. I have a knack for fostering and creating entertaining things that build very loyal followings.

Care to chat? Hit me up on Twitter