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Our first radio show, successful?

Our first radio show back on the air wasn’t too bad. A lot of friends showed up to listen and chat and even though we were late to the dance thanks to some technical fooling, all went pretty well.

The new Ustream service we picked up worked pretty well. The built-in chat was a little to be desired, but it did work and let us talk with listeners. The lag between us and Ustream was very short, so when we asked a question on-air, people could answer in chat and we’d still be on the same conversation.

I know our show is one about “nothing” and we kind of pride ourselves on the rambling, this first trip back made me realize how tough it is to keep a show conherent and structured. I work for a radio station and am involved with a talk show everyday. They make it sound so easy and they’re just talking about sports (most of the time).

Before the show we had a list of stuff we wanted to talk about but I think we only hit two of the topics. Our gift of gab took the lead and we found ourselves talking about more about ourselves than about our opinions on things. Oh well, first show jitters I guess.

I still need to find or create some decent intro music for the show. The show started and ended not so well…at least not as well as I would want. It’s hard though considering there is not preceeding us or following us. We’re just an isolated 2-hours.

I also need to figure out the right way to use Twitter and the chat room during a show. I had trouble determining when to Twitter something and when to drop it in the chat…or when to do both. Obviously the people in chat are already listening (we assume), and Twittering may drag in people that aren’t, or at least that’s the thought.

I’m sure I’m hard on myself for us only being one show in, but getting this all out will help me figure out what I need to work on for the next show. If you were listening to the show, please drop a comment and let us know. I also setup a board in the forum for talks too. If you’re a member, you can drop your ideas and links for future show.

And please, if you come across any good stories while bouncing around on-line, please tweet us, mail us, or post in the forum. We want to talk about what you guys are interested in, so let us know!


  1. Rufus Rufus December 11, 2008

    Sadly I couldn’t go anyway, but I would love to hear that eventually there will be at least one CAVEradio bowling trip for old time’s sake.

  2. Big G Big G December 11, 2008

    CAVEradio bowling FTW!!!


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