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Toast to go

Do you have one of those new fancy “smart” phones? Something like an iPhone or Black Berry? If so, then you’re in luck because you can now get the Morning Toast to go – Bonus!

Technically, you’ve always been able to get the site on a mobile browser but it just got all squished up. I didn’t have any mobile-specific stylesheets setup so if you tried to visit the site it was pretty much unreadable. Well, with my new upgrade to the latest WordPress, I also added a handy mobile site plug-in.

I found the MobilePress plug-in that creates a mobile-friendly version of the site with zero effort. OK, maybe not zero effort, I did have to create a database table manually, but after that it worked wonderfully. I go to the site with my normal desktop browser and it looks normal. Hit it on my Black Berry and it looks…well…mobile.

And one nice thing I have yet to exploit with MobilePress is the ability to create themes just for MobilePress without effecting the normal site theme. But right now I’m happy with the default theme.

So boot up that smart phone (do you boot up phones?) and hit the Toast and tell me what you think! No special web address needed, just hit the web address like normal.

And actually, if I can get nostalgic a moment, I must boast that my previous web site ( was also phone-ready, way before any phone was considered smart. I had programmed a WAP page that gave you two options: get the weather, or check the daily quote. Pointless but it worked.

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  1. Big G Big G December 18, 2008

    Sweet! Looks good in Pocket IE on Windows Mobile too! I notice there isn’t a toast field on the mobile version as I post this.


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