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Now taking YOUR calls

As if you didn’t already have enough reason to listen to CAVEradio on Thursday nights, now YOU can be on the show! After some trial and error, and a little rearranging, we managed to figure out how to take your calls and put you live on the air.

If you have Skype, you can call in to the show and give your own opinion along with ours. If you don’t have Skype, go ahead and download it, create an account, and you’re ready. Skype is a complete communications package that not only includes (free) Skype-to-Skype calls, but also instant messenger and a few other bells and whistles.

Beyond the program, you’ll need a microphone. Just a cheap one will do, like that boom mic you got with your computer but have yet to use. Then once you’re all setup, search for “CAVEradio” in Skype and give us a call! We’ll put you on the air and you’ll be famous!

Just make sure when you call you turn OFF the CAVEradio player. Just like a “real” radio program, if you’re listening to the show while you’re calling in, you’ll hear a lot of feedback and have a lot of delay…and we’ll hang up on you. Just pause the player while you’re calling in and everything will go smoothly.

So if you needed a reason to tune in Thursdays at 10P, now you have it. Get your 15 minutes of fame amongst no less than six people. We’ll talk to YOU this Thursday.

How to call in during a CAVEradio show

  1. Visit and download the program, install it, and create an account
  2. Make sure your microphone is plugged in and working
  3. Search for CAVEradio and add it to your contact list
  4. Tune in during the show at 10P and listen for call-in time
  5. Click on the call/phone icon in Skype and wait for us to answer


  1. Big G Big G February 13, 2009

    I missed last nights show, so I didn’t get to try out your new call in setup. I’ll try and catch you guy next week!


  2. Brian Brian February 13, 2009

    Too bad, you missed a good show. Be sure to catch the replay.

    Skype works really well and sounds good on the air too. I am impressed with it. Kudos to Skype.

  3. Big G Big G February 13, 2009

    The big-time podcasters like Leo Laporte use Skype extensively. On a good fast, low latency internet connection, and using high quality microphones, Skype can sound surprisingly good!

    I guess the new 4.0 version of Skype has some new codecs in them that are targeted at this type of thing.

    It won’t be long and an app like Skype (maybe rolled into a pro-grade rack mount appliance) might be able to replace the expensive dedicated ISDN lines that broadcasters currently use for remote links.


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