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The Speedway shopping spree

What will $100 get you at Speeday? I’m going to find out. Through luck, fortune, and just knowing the right person, a $100 Speedway gift card found its way to my wallet. Now first thoughts might simply say, “that’s $100 worth of gas,” and that’s true, but Speedway is an entire universe full of consumables.

Needless to say I’ll be using the card for gasoline, but I’m aiming to find out how much other stuff the free cash will get us. And a post-D&D night ICEE and cupcake run kicked things off (after I failed to remember to bring cupcakes to the session, sorry).

I don’t usually go into convenience stores at gas stations. I just use my credit card to by gas and be on my way. And my common thought was that their food/candy was overpriced. Well, it’s not really – at least not the candy, soda, and sugar. The ICEEs at Speedway are much cheaper than at Target and much bigger. Toss on a few pounds of sugar and your late night is set.

The first $15 spent found all the following at our disposal:

  • Four 44 oz. bladder buster ICEEs
  • Two packs of Skittles
  • Two packs of cupcakes
  • One pack of chocolate Zingers
  • Two packs of gum
  • One full-size Milky Way bar
  • One bag of gummy worms

That may not sound like a lot, but when dumped out on the table it looks a little bit like Halloween.

Hopefully the remaining $85 will last a few weeks and will help more late night Slurpee runs possible. I’ll try to update here or in comments.


  1. Big G Big G February 28, 2009

    They’re little pizzas aren’t bad. Good for lunch on the quick.


  2. Renee Renee March 1, 2009

    Ha! That sounds awesome. We have a gas station practically in our parking lot that we will walk to sometimes if we have a snack craving during or after D&D. They don’t have Icees, though. (Or Slurpees) I miss those things. Even the headaches I get when I drink them too fast.

  3. Jen Jen March 5, 2009

    No such thing as too much sugar, Jared!

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