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Less Macho than last time

The last time I was on “real” radio it was on the AM dial, in all it’s low-fi mono glory. This time it was a crystal clear FM stereo…too bad I just didn’t deliver like I did last time. My inner Macho Man just wasn’t feeling it.

Of course, it was because I completely forgot about my Macho recording until I was driving to work that morning. Last time I did a little research by listening to old Macho Man interviews. This I had to “practice” while I was driving to work. So there I was on the interstate throwing out the Macho-isms…I could only imagine what the other drivers thought. I’ve heard it looks like my head is going to explode when I go Macho.

To add to the whammy of my being utterly unprepared, the regular recording studio was unavailable so I had to record my parts in a different studio that was somewhat unequipped. I mean, you had a good microphone and all the stuff, but it’s not typically used for recording. I didn’t have any cans to listen to myself and I had no feedback as to levels.

When it finally aired in the afternoon the levels were peaking and the Machoness just wasn’t there. Sure, it was fun and hopefully made some people smile, but I’m just disappointed in myself. I didn’t have enough voice variation and inflection compared to last time. The Macho is all in the highs and lows combined with the strain of …well, something.

But I’ll let you be the judge. Listen to my first Macho here and the latest episode below: