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Space invaders, now more extreme than before

When I got my Nintendo DS one of the first games I got hooked on was Space Invaders Extreme. It took the classic Invaders model and turned it up to 11. More colors, more sounds, more invaders, complete and glorious chaos. And it was tough too, enough to challenge any arcade fan like myself. But now there’s more.

sie2__4_Space Invaders Extreme 2 is, yes, even more extreme than before. As if the first SIE wasn’t enough sensory overload, SIE2 turns it up to 12, maybe 13. Even more colors, more things moving around, more loud sounds…the works.

They’ve tossed in more little bonus games this time but they integrated with the regular game play instead of jumping you to a separate bonus time. And don’t worry, there is plenty more Fever Time. In SIE1 the top DS screen wasn’t used a whole lot, but in SIE2 they’ve taken full advantage of the DS’s real estate. Despite the first game’s shiny-happy attitude, SIE2 almost makes the first one seem rigid. They’ve tweaked things just enough to make it even more shiny-happy.

All in all, however, this is still Space Invaders. If you’re not a fan of the franchise then this won’t convert you. But if you’re looking for a quick dose of arcade action anytime you want, then Space Invaders Extreme 2 will continue to feed that hunger. I’d tell you I’m not sure what’s left to do the Space Invaders, but I would have said that with SIE1.

(And if you’re looking for more refreshed classics that deliver, Pac-Man CE on XBL Arcade is worthy buy too.)