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Netflix, resistance is futile

I’m not afraid to admit when I’m wrong. Now I might argue my case for days before I make that admission, but you can’t argue with facts. And the fact is, Netflix is awesome. I had my doubts but after as little as two days with Netflix it has come to be that resistance was futile.

If everyone likes it, it can’t be bad, right?

My friends have been signing the praises of Netflix for months, almost years at this point. I kept resisting because I really didn’t feel I needed to spend an extra $10 a month of movies when I have a Redbox just down the street with $1 movies available at the press of a button. We didn’t watch 10 movies a month, not by a long shot, so I didn’t see how paying $10 a month was worth it unless you watch more than 10 movies.

Let me tell you that once you have Netflix, you WILL watch 10 movies a month. At least.

More than just movies, duh

However, the “movies” part is where I faltered. Most of the guys in my office have Netflix and not until one of them mentioned watching TV shows did the value of Netflix really hit me. Specifically, the TV shows that are on HBO and other premium channels we don’t otherwise get with normal cable. So between the ability to watch those programs and get movies, it was worth at least a try, especially since adding a single channel like HBO was $15 a month anyway. And since Netflix is month-to-month payment, there’s not much to lose.

Netflix will of course send you DVDs via postal mail, but with our Xbox we can instantly stream select (and by select I mean hundreds) of movies instantly without having to wait…and in HD. Setup was stupidly simple and fast. I sat controlling the Xbox while Jen worked the laptop and I watched as a click on the laptop triggered an action on the Xbox, taking the concept of “instant” to a whole new level. I was impressed.

Netflix+Xbox+Big TV+couch = Awesome
Netflix+Xbox+Big TV+couch = Awesome

Movies new and old, good and bad

Then a browse through just the movies that were featured on the Xbox (which is a fraction of what is entirely available) and I was blown away. New movies to old movies to TV shows…it’s all there and so insanely instant and easy. Any worries I had about getting our money’s worth went out the window as we proceeded to sit and watch five solid hours of Netflix. I’ll give Netflix (and Xbox) props for making their app incredibly easy to use to the point that it gets you to watch more than you intended. The back catalog of “old” movies and shows is almost more impressive than the list of new movies and I can see that I’ll be watching more of those than current releases.

Since we’ve only had Netflix for two days, I can’t say how reliable or easy the mail-in DVDs are, but it sounds like from friends that it’s just as easy as streaming. But I think to keep my Netflix viewing to a reasonable amount, I’ll limit myself to content featured on the Xbox, which is in the hundreds as it stands right now. Why bother with DVDs when I can watch something instantly?

I also now see how people are able to cut cable entirely and survive with just the internet and Netflix. If all the shows and movies are on Netflix or on-line, why bother with cable? Time will tell if this is a possibility for my home, but right now we’ll be keeping cable too. The Netflix catalog requires more browsing before I can determine if all the shows I enjoy are available without cable.

Netflix right, Brian wrong

So I admit I was wrong about Netflix. I did want it all this time, I just didn’t know it. This isn’t to say we’ll end our Redbox shopping, as I’m interested to find out how soon Netflix gets new releases compared to Redbox, but Netflix plays perfectly to the lazy convenience we all strive to reach. And since Netflix plays throgh the Xbox, I can go from game to movie to game without so much as moving an ass cheek. And thanks to our super couch, I’m almost like an astronaut…I can go for days without moving and be entertained and informed.

If you need me, I’ll be on the couch.


  1. Will Will September 7, 2010

    Welcome to the dark side. Might I suggest Dexter if you haven’t been watching it. I’m pretty sure the first 2 seasons are streaming. I have been surprised at some of the good movies that have been added to Watch Instantly lately. They’re making the subscription more worth it all the time.

  2. Juan Juan September 7, 2010

    Oh yea, Dexter is awesome. They have seasons 9-12 of Top Gear too. Comedy Central has a TON of stuff too. The only gotcha is Starz. The movies they bring are only temporary. Still worth the $20 we pay, though.

  3. King Tom King Tom September 8, 2010

    We’ve been without cable for six months now (living off the Internet, broadcast TV and Netflix) and we’re not missing anything. We use our Samsung Blu-Ray for Netflix access, and while it doesn’t sound as user-friendly as your experience on the Xbox, it still works for us. I do wish sometimes that they had more streaming options (especially their Wrestling DVDs), but still, there’s more stuff to watch than I can currently handle.

  4. Brian Brian September 9, 2010

    Wrestling! How could I forget those! Geez, there’s a whole new avenue to jog down. I’ve been on a huge documentary kick. I’m not really up on what docu movies are out at any given time so having the list and recommendation engine for those has been great.

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