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Mommy, I think I don’t have any more blood

We’ve all done a butt dial, or purse dial…whatever you call it when your cell phone magically calls someone without you knowing it. It’ll be in your pocket or purse, and in some cases, a child’s hand. Recently a friend’s son managed to call the old CAVEradio studio line recently and left a few voicemails.

Kids these days

Since these did come in over the Google Voice line, there was no phone ring in our house or any of our other phones. It went direct to voicemail and then delivered the audio to our mailbox. You’d think that a 4-year-old calling you without knowing it would really only leave a message of rambling blabber. Not in this case.

What we got was instead a distressing message from the child concerned that he had run out of blood. An interesting thought for 1 o’clock in the morning but a thought that I imagine had to be addressed immediately. We played the voicemail for some friends that were over for dinner and we all decided this audio was best suited for some video parody.

Two versions, equal hilarity

The original idea over dinner was to make the duck from Tom & Jerry say the lines, and later we thought that good old Charlie Brown would be a good candidate as well. Ask and ye shall receive. Personally, I think the Charlie Brown one comes off a little better, it’s just a perfect setup and scene, but Tom does his job in selling the duck as well.

Charlie Brown is worried, big surprise


Tom’s reaction is priceless



  1. Chris Chris December 6, 2010

    Nothing that comes out of this kids mouth surprises me anymore, and his accidental computer skills are amazing. He has posted pictures to facebook from my Ipod touch, sent emails, and made phone calls as you know. Leave a smart kid to his own devices, and it is amazing what you can end up with.

  2. Jen Jen December 7, 2010

    I can watch these over and over and laugh every time. So funny. I hope he finds all the blood he’s looking for. :)

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