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The real trouble with Netflix

We’ve had Netflix for just about a year and it’s been great. Only after we got Netflix did I consider cutting the cord on normal cable TV. That hasn’t happened (and probably won’t) but that says something about Netflix…and that’s my problem with Netflix. There’s too much to watch!

Would I have gotten "Machete" if it wasn't on Netflix? Probably not.
Would I have gotten "Machete" if it wasn't on Netflix? Probably not.

On-demand requires discipline…which I don’t have

One reason I didn’t get a DVR when we upgraded to digital cable was because I feared on-demand viewing would lead me down a path that resulted in the watching of more television. I avoided that for a while…until we got Netflix. Now I’m not having trouble with current television shows, I’m having trouble managing my movie watching (and old TV show watching).

Watching a movie a couple nights a week doesn’t bother me, but thanks to Netflix’s extensive television archive it’s harder than ever to stop watching Netflix. Between the incoming DVDs and second class instant movies, the television series are overload. I got Machete on DVD, then watched Salt on instant and then started into season one of 24 and Wings…all within a two day period. That’s a lot of TV watching.

The real problem is that I suck at not watching television and movies. There are lots of things I want to do…I like to do…I need to do…and Netflix is making them all extremely hard to finish. Knowing all these movies and shows are available when I want is not a good thing because of that exact reason…I can watch them whenever, and that usually translates into “right now.”

Sometimes I wish I wasn’t cursed with enjoying a lot of the “old and outlandish” movies Netflix has so many of.


  1. Will Will April 24, 2011

    Yeah, there’s so much stuff to watch not enough time to watch it. I’m trying to cut back on how much TV I’m watching so I can do other things. I recently deleted my entire Instant Watch queue because it was getting to big. It seemed like every weekend I was trying to get through all the movies that expired the next week. It was overwhelming.

  2. Brian Brian Post author | April 24, 2011

    Yeah man, it gets bad. I regularly purge my instant queue too. I can’t stand having my queue be a mile long, so every couple weeks I remove the things I added under the “I plan on watching that” banner and haven’t yet.

    I even stopped looking at the web site so I don’t get into a routine of force watching movies and wasting even more time.

    And I actually think the TV shows on Netflix are a worse trap that the movies!

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