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Steps to repair wrestling

I recently wrote about how us wrestling fans are watching a favorite past time crumble right before our eyes. It’s unfortunate and sad to watch but it sounds like the WWE might be (and that’s a big might) trying to do some repairs, and that’s a very good thing.

Remember when there was only one show?
Remember when there was only one show?

Getting back to television basics

I don’t expect much, honestly, but a man can hope. A post in The Sun’s wrestling section has some good suggestions for what will help pro wrestling, namely combining their two brands, Raw and Smackdown, back into a single show. There was a time when there needed to be two wrestling shows to counter the competition, but since that competition is long gone, why keep splitting the fans?

I watching wrestling on Mondays but there is also a show on Fridays which often has some of my favorite wrestlers. I’m not so much a fan anymore that I make it a point to follow my favorite characters, instead I just give up. It really sucks when they do a big swap fest and the characters I like to watch end up on the Friday show. I’m sure I’m not alone and I’m sure there are people who are the opposite and watch on Friday but not Monday.

To be honest, there’s just not enough good talent to justify two shows. As I talked about before, characters have really lost some magic in recent years and they’re just not interesting enough to upset my TV watching schedule otherwise. Bringing wrestling back to a single 2-hour program would be a really good idea that would put all the eggs back in one basket – and it would be a hell of a basket. Imagine all the match-ups you’d see. Imagine all the storylines they could write and cross. It would be one step closer to being good again.

There was a time when being champion meant something
There was a time when being champion meant something

Remember when there was only one champion?

While seeing one show might be a pipe dream, in which case the other idea is reducing the number of championship belts. There was a time when you had maybe four levels of champion, a world champ, intercontinental champ, US champ and tag team champs. That was it and each one had some prestige behind it. But over time as competition heated up and the wrestling expanded, we doubled up on the belts. Specifically in the WWE there are two world champions (one for each show) and a host of other midcard belts, easily 10 belts or more. It’s stupid to have to say it, but the more belts there are the less each belt means in the long run. The belts have lost A LOT over the past 20 years even (let alone the past 30) and it’s time we get back to them having some meaning. Being intercontinental champion used to be cool and respected, now it’s pretty much a joke carried by no-talent names.

Ultimately I think see both of these things happen would help put wrestling back on track, but at this point I’ll settle for either one. What say you, wrestling fans?


  1. Will Will May 1, 2011

    Yes, that would help. I catch RAW occasionally, but I almost never watch Smackdown. I don’t know if belts change hands as frequently as they did when I stopped watching on a regular basis, but I think that diminished the value of the belts as well.

    They also need to go back to having fewer PPVs.

  2. Brian Brian May 2, 2011

    You’re dead on about the PPVs, especially after a shitty Wrestlemania. I’m sure they couldn’t afford to scale back their PPV schedule, but doing one per quarter would be nice and allow for some more story build-up. Each PPV would be epic and awesome.

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