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My secret love affair with shoes

I have a confession to make. I love shoes. You probably know me for my thoughts on video games, Hot Wheels, cartoons and other forms of entertainment, but I also long to have a collection of really awesome shoes. However, fortunately for me (and you) shoes are pretty expensive and thus prohibitive for me to constantly purchase. Frankly, I have enough frivolous expenses, so I’m happy that shoes are more or less out of reach…but that doesn’t stop me from wanting them.

My first shoe love. Ill be buried in these.
My first shoe love. I'll be buried in these.

The art of shoes

For most of my life I’ve worn pretty much only one type of shoe, the Converse All-Star…or at least some variant there of, high top, low top, One Stars…whatever. I’m sure more than 20 years of wearing them have my feet complaining but you can’t deny their style and color. My Chucks have ranged from all-black to blue to red to green and then some, and one reason I’ve stayed in Chucks for this long is because of their price. Back when I was little they were $25 or less, which is why I always had a pair, but over the past 10 years they’ve become hip again and now demand upwards of $40 for a pair. Forty dollars might sound cheap to you but at that price it’s still a decision to buy a pair, I don’t just buy them when I see them although I wish I could.

Look at those! Awesome.
Look at those! Awesome.

However, in the grand scheme of things, $40 is a steal when I look at the prices of the other shoes I would love to have and wish I could pull off. My love of shoes can be traced back to one thing and one thing only – style. I look at shoes as pieces of designed art. The colors, the lines, the shape, the material…it’s not about how the shoe fits or what purpose it is supposed to serve, it’s how it looks. Shoes, like cars, are entirely an image thing. Both cars and shoes do simple things that can be accomplished on the cheap, but if you want to look good doing that simple thing, you’re gonna pay. It’s all about how it makes you feel…your ego…and that’s okay, I just wish it was less expensive.

Women have all the fun

Shoes is also one of those things of which I am extremely jealous of women. When I walk into the shoe store there are approximately 37 aisles of shoes for women and only three for the men, if we’re lucky. I know probably 75% of the women’s shoes are designed for them in the form of high heels, boots and stuff I wouldn’t be wearing anyway, but when it comes to their sneakers and athletic shoes, they get some really cool style choices that I’ll never be able to wear. My wife has a pair of One Stars that are a great color and texture that they just don’t make in men’s sizes. $85

It’s gotta be da shoes

Of course, I can always shop online to get a selection I’ll never get in the stores, but like most apparel, I would never buy shoes sight unseen…or unworn. Not only do I need to know if the shoe will be comfortable on my feet, but I need to know if they’re gonna look good. A lot of shoes look good on the shelf but when you wear them with your normal attire they just fall flat. And when it comes down to it, if a closet full of shoes was something I could afford, I’m afraid I would just collect them to look at them without hardly wearing them. I may like the looks of some “extreme” shoes styles but even I know I probably don’t have the balls enough to wear them in public. But I suppose if I did have some neato shoes that it would drive my desire for better, coordinating clothes as well. It all starts with the shoes.