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Many weeks, many posts, just not here

Things have slowed here at Morning Toast since the summer. Since I started writing for TMA Toys & Games, most of the video game and toy topics I would talk about here have gone there, but I need to stop being so lazy and find other things to talk about. Pretty soon that shouldn’t be a problem.

The key to any good blog or site is focus. Pick a topic and stick with it. I believe in that and for the most part, my blog here has hovered around toys and games. Of course, when someone pays me for those topics, I’m going to give them all my attention (sorry, but you guys just don’t pay the bills). So that leaves Morning Toast with everything else…which isn’t much. My life is pretty much toys and games, but as we start to ramp up preparing for a baby in the Spring, I’m sure I’ll be venting all over the place.

Recent ramblings

Yet if you were a faithful Morning Toast reader and have otherwise given up on me…first, I understand, but I ask you to head over to TMA Toys to see what I have been writing week after week. Here’s a list of some of my hotter topics:

How to proceed?

The big question now then is what should the focus of Morning Toast become? Without thinking too hard, two things come to mind: pro wrestling and movies. Both of those things are pretty lighthearted and lend themselves to some fun, plus the previously mentioned posts about pre-parenthood should be mildly entertaining for all of us.

I know blogging about blogging is an annual thing for me (and probably most writers) but sometimes you just need to brain dump to figure out what you want to do next. I spend too much time looking at the impact a posts have and I need to stop doing that. Two paragraphs can be just as interesting as a dozen. And when it comes to writing I need to stop cutting myself short just because I saw the topic someplace else. I don’t know why I get in that type of rut…it’s not like I’m breaking news or anything (this might be a side effect of working in the news industry, however).

So my pledge to you, loyal readers, is to get back on the blogging train and do my best to write more often. I still need to keep pumping out game and toy topics for TMA but you’ll be getting something else here and hopefully you’ll enjoy it.