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Double Jump Spirit

Some friends have started their own podcast and I need to take a minute to not applaud them but get some facts straight about my gaming reputation.

Faces for radio

Double Jump Spirit, true geeks in action
Double Jump Spirit, true geeks in action

No doubt inspired by the long-running CAVEradio that Jen and I have done for years, friends and listeners Jared and Lindsey have started their own podcast, Double Jump Spirit. Much like CAVEradio, they talk about all sorts of geek things from video games to Twitter to trips to the eye doctor…so dare I say, their show is quite a bit dorkier than ours…in that awesome way. They’re not quite to live show status yet but in the most recent episode they talked about the Four Score and Seven Pongs Ago tournament I had with Jared at the end of last year, which means I was dragged into the conversation. The beat down that Jared received in the Four Score tournament has been well documented, so I won’t beat that horse any more but I need to clear the air about some claims in regards to my video game image.

It’s not the platform, it’s the game

The perception seems to be that I’m a “rigid, old school gamer” that thinks anything “before the NES is crap”. It’s true that I was raised on the NES whereas I think Jared was more of an SNES child. I loved that NES era and the first Nintendo no doubt shaped my love for gaming. The Nintendo 8-bit era saw the birth of many franchises but it wasn’t the best for good games overall. Of course, I don’t think the SNES era produced much in the way of great games either…but I would like to say that I’m not as much of an “old school” gamer as people might think.  It’s not the age of the game that matters to me, it’s the type of game.

It’s all about the high score. I don’t really care what era or console the game is from as long as it pushes me to rank up high scores and top the next person (which is usually Jared). It’s true that the SNES era is not my favorite time in gaming but mostly because I’m not that familiar with it. I went from the NES to the Playstation, which was a gap of about 5 years. I skipped the SNES and Genesis both. If the NES era saw the birth of games then the Playstation era saw them reach maturity…and from there things just got better (although now I think we’re seeing a shake up and slump).

Of course, being seen a “rigid, old school gamer” has a certain cool about. In fact, it was pretty rewarding going into the Four Score tournament filled with modern games and putting people in their place, maybe shattering a bit of that “rigid” reputation. Nintendo, Xbox, Playstation…whatever…if the game gives me the opportunity put up big numbers on a leaderboard then I’m all about it. I’ll go where the games are…they just have to games I can enjoy.

100% CAVEradio approved

I’m not sure if Jared and Lindsey ever plan to do a live Double Jump Spirit but I’d like to see hear it so I could chime in during their show and really start a row on-air. And if CAVEradio ever comes back this year, I’d love to see DJS and CAVEradio back-to-back because that would be a killer line-up of top notch programming, right there. Honestly, I’d love to see DJS be *on* CAVEradio as a scheduled show and then we’d all see the real power of the network. Bam.

I’m not sure they have a regular broadcast schedule yet but you can stop by their official web site (kick ass domain, BTW) and get all the goodies. It’s a great way to pass the time until CAVEradio returns.