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Baby’s room, stage 1 complete

The day started off like a bad joke, “an artist and an accountant walk into a room with a bunch of power tools…”. Say what you want but after three hours we had a new laminate floor in the baby’s room. The baby now has the nicest room in the house and she’s not even here yet.

The whole process with the floor was a lot easier than I had expected. After you read all the how-to guides and watch all the videos, it seems like there are 100 things to do and account for when you start the project. I almost had my self psyched out about the whole thing. I always assume the worst and thankfully that didn’t happen, however this house continued to prove that it is not exactly normal (or square).

A room with history

But let me back up. The first step was painting. We went with a pastel yellow to keep things somewhat neutral. We know we’re having a girl but rather than go with the stereotypical pink/purple we opted for something a little more generic. The “theme” will come in the form of art and dressings, not the wall. After the painted dried, there was a matter of the floor.

The room was carpeted and it was the carpet that came with the house when we bought it almost 10 years ago. The room had started life as a spare room that did nothing more than hold all our extra crap and a litter box. Then it became Jen’s home office…and home to a litter box. With a baby on the way it gave us a great opportunity to remove it all and start from scratch. The carpet came up without any problems, as did the foam padding underneath. After a day of cutting, ripping and removing staples the room was ready for a new floor.

One naked room

A one weekend job

My friend came over to help me lay the floor. He had experience with the process so I had someone to confer tactics with but it was just great to have someone to talk to while I ran between cutting boards and snapping them together. It took one or two planks to get measurements right…although I still blame the wall, it wasn’t straight to begin with. Nothing in this house is square. After we cut some notches for a floor vent we were off the races and after a little more than three hours it was all done and looked great, with less than a box of flooring to spare. Perfect.

Laminate flooring
A job well done

The following weekend it was time to button things up by putting the trim back and adding some molding between the new floor and the hall carpet. Of course I thought this wouldn’t be a big deal…it’s molding, how hard can it be? But my confidence was my undoing as the molding took just as a long as putting down the entire floor. The molding just didn’t cooperate and add to that the new floor highlighted some imperfections in the room that were hidden by the carpet. I’m not sure that I’m happy with the final product in regards to the trim and borders but it’ll have to do. The baby won’t care and by the time she does we’ll have to paint the room pink anyway…or black…or whatever.

Nonetheless, it feels good to have done it myself and have it look decent. It was a small room (less than 100 sq ft) so it was the perfect room to try and build my confidence. I’m not the handiest home maintenance guy around so as long as things don’t start falling off the wall I’m happy. Stage 1 of the baby’s room is complete. Now we can start moving in and getting ready for reals…after all, she’ll be here in two months.

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  1. Pam Sommer Pam Sommer March 9, 2012

    Penny’s room looks great, Brian! You did a great job.

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