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Recent writing, Summer 2012

Since the Spring I’ve been head editor and writer over at TMA Toys & Games after the previous editor went on to greener pastures. That left myself and one other writer on the team…until he left at the end of July. So currently it’s just me writing over at TMA, although I hope a recent distress signal results in a few guest bloggers…which I think it will.

Otherwise I’ve been writing weekly but it’s been getting harder and harder to come up with topics since I haven’t really been in a position to play many games, see any new movies or even really get out much to check out the toys. Nonetheless, here’s a list of my recent posts over at TMA Toys & Games. Hope you check them out.

As far as writing here at Morning Toast…well, I do have some new Counselor’s Corner interviews coming soon once I review and edit them. With Nintendo Power shutting down this year, I think those interviews and memories are all the more important to capture.