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Parents killed Monopoly

My wife pointed me to a report on Huffington Post about Monopoly changing. Turns out the report is somewhat misleading as the game in question is just a different flavor of Monopoly, which is nothing new. But the one thing in the report that got my attention is the complaint about the length of the game.

Look, we all know Monopoly is a long game to play. Depending on which rules you follow (or create yourself), a single Monopoly game can last hours. But the ones complaining about this aren’t the kids, it’s the adults – the parents.

As a kid I always wanted to play Monopoly with my parents. Monopoly was a game where I felt like an equal with the adults playing. It wasn’t a game where I felt anyone had an advantage or they had to let me win. I loved the money, the colors, the dice-throwing and tokens. And, of course, as a kid I didn’t care how long the game took…what did I have to do?

That was when I was probably 10-years-old or thereabouts…but nothing changed when I was a teenager either. Even though there were video games to play and social circles to keep up with, when I was in high school my best friend and I would kill an entire Saturday afternoon playing Monopoly. It would take hours as each of us eventually owned half of the board. Even though I almost always lost, I loved to play and our passion for the game hit its prime one day at school before class. We were bored waiting for things to get going so we started a game of Monopoly…without a board, money, tokens or property cards. I think we had a 6-side die but that was it. We were able to play a game of Monopoly from memory alone.

What a difference a few decades makes

Now, however, as an adult and parent, I totally understand why my parents rarely agreed to play Monopoly with me. They actually had stuff to do and thus couldn’t just kill an hour or more playing a board game. I get it. Mom, dad, you’re forgiven…this time.

I’m not saying the new flavors of Monopoly aren’t fun or interesting, although I’ve never played any, but to say kids don’t have the attention span for Monopoly just isn’t true. It’s not the kids that are killing Monopoly, it’s the parents.