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Look for me on Medium

I was happy to receive an invite to write on Medium today. So now what?

Medium is the trendy blogging platform of the summer and as such has gotten some attention, leading to a growing audience of readers, myself included. Medium is wonderful to use and full of good, honest writing, so I’m happy to be a part of that, but I’m not going to shy away from what Medium really is for writers – marketing.

If you’re writing online in any form, you’re writing with the intention to be read. You’re looking for an audience. You can say “I don’t care if anyone reads my stuff” but you know you’d prefer it if they did. And unless you blog for a well-known web site, say a Kotaku or Verge, then your chances of being read are pretty slim. You can only hope that someone stumbles across one of your posts by random search or by someone following your tweet.

Sure, I could use Medium as my only writing outlet but I’m proud of my own site and want people go there and read just as much as any other blogger with their own site. So yes, I’m happy that I can write and share on Medium but in the end it’s really just a means by which to get people to Morning Toast to read more. And any other Medium writer that doesn’t share that plan is just kidding themselves, however, unlike previous attempts to create a blogger community, writing and reading on Medium doesn’t feel cheap or gimmicky…lets just hope it stays that way.