Your hipster notebook doesn’t matter

I was a sucker too. I got conned into caring. I thought I would look cool and it would make me better at what I do. They can be hard to resist but I got over and so can you. But the notebook you use just doesn’t make a difference.

I stumbled across a Co.Design article about a new hipster notebook that is trying to “out Moleskine Moleskine.” I couldn’t help but chuckle…but I was probably really laughing at my 25-year-old self. Maybe I’m too old to care or maybe it’s because the whole hipster notebook thing is just played out at this point. Well, it’s a little bit of both.

Nothing says “I’m a serious designer” more than a trendy notebook, right?

Nothing says “I’m passionate about my work” quite like a leather-bound, pocket-sized sketchbook.

If only the quality of your sketches, drawings and ideas corresponded with the price of your notebook…we’d have a lot great products! Look, your creativity and success will not be determined by the quality of your notebook. How many good ideas got lost in the time you spent worrying about which notebook fits your image?

It doesn’t matter if you’re keeping track of things in a Moleskine or a 50-cent spiral notebook. I just doesn’t make a difference. So why spend $20 on a notebook? For the same price I can get 40 spiral notebooks at Target. Okay, you’re right, a spiral notebook won’t fit in my pocket. You got me there. But you can use pencil and pen, so that’s good.

I’m just waiting for the hipster notebook implosion. The point when having a cheap comp book is cooler and more hipster than having a Moleskine, or Baron Fig or whatever. It’ll happen. Trust me.

But you know…if you can sell notebooks for $20 a pop, more power to ya. 

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