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Why Minecraft always wins

I’ve been swearing at Minecraft a lot lately and it’s not because the game is pissing me off…it’s because it fills in the free time I have when I should probably be doing other things.

I’m not talking about “must do” things. Those get done (usually). I’m talking about other side-project/fun things, in particular, working on my web site projects like Redline Derby. I love building things that people have fun using but here’s the thing, it takes time to really “dig in” when it comes to coding and designing.

I kept telling myself, “I’ll just work on it in little bits here and there, one hour at a time as I have the time.” It sounded good and I tried to do it but it just didn’t work out because I need more than 90-minutes to get anything of significance accomplished. It’s easy to get lost in coding once you get in a groove. What seemed like 20-minutes ends up being 3-hours. That’s part of the fun but that groove doesn’t happen unless you invest more than 60-minute. Coding is like reading a book…it takes a bit to get focused and tune out all the distractions but once you do you get lost in the story and just keep going. And then the next time you pick up the book you have to re-read a bit to remember where you left off and then start up again. You can do that quickly with a book but programming is a little different simply because there are a lot more moving parts.

So if working on web sites is futile with my given free time, what’s left? Minecraft. And Minecraft is fun.

I play Minecraft with my wife which makes it even more enjoyable. Everyone likes to “unwind” when they’re done with a full day’s work and Minecraft is that unwind for us…plus if you think about it, spending free time playing a video game is just as bad as sitting on the couch watching TV, which is usually the other alternative in our house.

Yet I can’t help but swear at myself when I sit to play Minecraft knowing that I have a project that really needs to be worked on.

Curse you, Minecraft.