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Posts published by “Brian”

Videogames, new and old, satisfy for a while

Two videogames ended up under the Christmas tree this year. One a modern adventure running through crisp graphics and wizbangs, the other a time machine with nothing more than beeps and churps. Both turned out to be excellent additions to the game museum.

Halfway between right and wrong

It's a really good feeling when you finally understand something that you've since been trying to grasp. You know you should know it, you assume everyone else knows it, but yet it's just out of your reach. Then it hits you. But then do you join the crowd, or just stay where you are?

When white people have a party

New Year's Eve marked the first official gathering at the new house. Everything held up and everyone had a good time. Maybe too good? It's amazing what happens when you get a bunch of white people together.

Fun with the Axis of Evil

It's really disheartening when you find out that companies and corporations you like are really just as underhanded as the ones you don't like. There is a web site that helps dash your last hope that places are true and not in kahoots with the government and other places.