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Here we go again

I can feel you rolling your eyes already. I know, I know…yet another theme change. Well, the last big idea didn’t go so well. I think the “full page” theme was a good idea in concept but it took more effort than I anticipated to get a full page designed. The writing was easy. It was the layout that stunk.

I underestimated the time it took to design a background and then code the page – in WordPress – to fit that background. I liked the fact that it gave a magazine/newspaper feel to posts, but doing it to every post was rough and honestly stopped me from writing some posts because I didn’t want to take the time to design it all up.

And one person gave me some feedback that obvious had I just stopped to think about. The full page layout makes it hard to find the other posts in a blog. If posts are even weekly, it can be hard to find articles you may have missed. Plus all the “features” and link lists were at the bottom of the page, which is something I didn’t even like after using it.

Bottomline, I didn’t think it out very hard. Poor planning usually leads to failure.

So here we go with a new theme, one I found on a free WP theme list. You can scroll to the very bottom of the page for a link to the original designer. I did make some code changes to support the forum and switched some things out, but otherwise the structure is all not-mine. And I’m fine with that. Most I’ll do with this theme is change the color scheme. I like the layout and balance of things.

But you tell me.


  1. Big G Big G January 10, 2009

    I like both the layout and the colors. Thumbs up!

    Nothing wrong with using a theme that somebody else made. Why invent the wheel if you find a wheel you like?


  2. Brian Brian January 10, 2009

    Thanks. I’m liking it too. I have to admit I stole the color scheme too. I had fun with the background a bit even if it’s not too flashy.

    I’m gonna scan around for some more WP plugins and see what else I can add to this thing with minimal effort.

  3. JuanO JuanO January 11, 2009

    Site looks great, I like the colors as well as the layout. It looked good before with the background designs, but I can see how it takes a lot of your time. Whatever ends up working, right?

    One thing, though: you only list the 5 most recent posts… how about adding a direct link to your archives. Something besides the search form, like categories or a tag cloud.

    Other then that minor personal preference, the layout is good!

  4. Brian Brian Post author | January 11, 2009

    Good call, Juan. I added an archive dropdown to the footer. I originally had a bullet list, but since my archive goes back to 2005 – well, it was quite a bullet list.

    Fair warning that the entries pre-2007 were from an entirely different CMS, pre-Wordpress, so when I imported them the formatting was all screwy. But better to have them on record than not, I suppose.

    Thanks for the feedback. Now I can go back to 2005 and see how awful my writing was!

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