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Thank you, Macho Man

Macho Man Randy Savage passed away on Friday. He was 58.

I’m not going to cite the great wrestling matches Macho Man Randy Savage had as they’ve all been well documented and highlighted, especially on Macho’s DVD set (which you should buy). His quality of work in the ring has been missed for many, many years, even well before his death. Macho Man was one of the few that helped professional wrestling thrive as a form of entertainment by way of his his clashes with the likes of Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Jake Roberts and Ricky Steamboat…and for those matches, we must thank him.


He was more than just a wrestler

However, we must thank Macho Man the most for just being Macho Man. You can say all you want about how wrestling is scripted (and I know it is), but the one thing no one can argue is the strength of the character that Randy Savage created. His character exceeded his in-ring ability and in many ways, was bigger and better than that of the immortal Hulk Hogan. Whereas characters like Hogan were somewhat one-dimensional, Macho Man could swing from heel to face over and over again without effort. I consider wrestlers to be actors, true entertainers, that speak to us at a most basic level. Case in point, Randy Savage had 20,000 people in Los Angeles booing him and then 20 minutes later had 20,000 people crying. Not bad for a kid from Columbus.

Macho Man is my favorite wrestler not because of his flying elbows off the top rope, but because his character was truly larger than life, and is one that only got better with age. As a kid you watched Savage and only saw the good guy or the bad guy he was supposed to be. As an adult you can watch Macho Man and appreciate his ability to deliver a performance. Whether it was his fantastic costumes, his crazy hair and shades or his unforgettable voice and one-liners, Macho Man truly had it all and it was all unforgettable.

From contempt to tears
From contempt to the span of 20 minutes

Put a little more Macho Man in your life

I believe daily life could benefit from more pro wrestling. I’m not talking television shows (lord knows there are too many of them), I’m talking about attitude and entertainment. I see Macho Man as an inspiration and I’d be lying if I didn’t say he and the other wrestlers haven’t affected how I deal with situations in my own life. I try to bring a little bit of Macho Man into work and home, and I like to think it’s made a big difference. You meet too many people that have little to no character and the likes of Randy Savage showed me the importance of having character and at times, even being a character.

There’s a wrestling character for every type of person, whether you want to be the arrogant ass, the pretty boy, the rebel, the corporate sell out, the romantic or the lone psycho…and Macho Man was a little bit of all of them. He was able to adapt to the situation without losing the soul of his character. Macho Man never had to reinvent himself because his character was versatile and he could make it work no matter what. He was just Macho Man…and it never got old.


His greatness will not be forgotten

In the end it’s all about entertainment. Macho Man’s job was to make people believe in what he was selling and he did that while being entertaining. That is a talent we should all want and admire. I do and it’s something I practice everyday. We all should.

Thank you, Macho Man Randy Savage. Your character will never die.

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  1. King Tom King Tom May 22, 2011

    I couldn’t have said it better myself.

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