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Caine’s Arcade

Someone tossed me a link to Caine’s Arcade probably because they know I like arcades but what I watched instead was one of the most touching stories I’ve seen a long time. It made me cry.

Why did it make me cry? Because it was story about a normal kid in a normal situation. I think everyone that watches it can relate because what kid didn’t try to build his hopes and dreams out of cardboard? You work with what you have and let creativity do the rest. But that made me a little bit sad because I think we grow out of that for some reason. There’s never a good reason to stop being creative.

Watch Caine's Arcade - If you don't feel great after, you're a robot.

However, the best part about the whole thing is that this was a normal kid doing whatever he thought was awesome. We see so many shows today that focus on kids and families in desperate situations, whether that be health, finance or whatever…it gets tiring. I don’t mean to make those problems sound unimportant but those aren’t the only stories that need recognized and need support. I was happy to see the focus put on someone that I can (even if only remotely) relate to. I can’t relate to a kid with cancer or parent without a job or with a dad that lost a limb in battle. I can relate to a kid that has big ideas and a parent that’s working a normal job while giving his kid everything he can to support his creativity. It’s the difference between feeling sorry for someone and feeling hopeful.

I don’t consider myself a person that is easily moved but story but Caine’s Arcade did just that and served as a little reminder that simple solutions can lead to amazing things.

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