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Please don’t be a courteous driver

We all hate bad drivers. It doesn’t matter what state you live in, we all think the worst drivers live where we are. And we all think that we’re not the bad driver – everyone else is. Sure, whatever makes you feel better.

Here in Ohio, all hell breaks lose when it rains or snows. It doesn’t matter if it’s a downpour or a sprinkle, everyone just goes ape and takes it onto the freeway with them. Snow? White death, everyone run.

And then there’s the clueless ones. Those that are talking, texting, eating, shaving, putting on make-up, smacking children…whatever. They’re the ones missing turn arrows, stop signs, on ramps and everything in between. And don’t even get me started about the blue hairs that have no purpose being on the open road. All of these types of drivers are annoying but one trumps them all.

The courteous driver

The courteous driver, or the “No you go ahead” driver, is the worst drive you can get mixed up with. These drivers are the ones that decide to invent their own traffic laws in order to be nice and courteous. These are the ones that stop when there’s no stop sign or give you the little wave letting you know you can go before them. Look, I can appreciate courtesy but not at the sake of breaking convention and thus messing things up for everyone.

We’re all familiar with most rules of the road whether it seems that way or not. We’re all expecting each other to follow those rules and when you, as the nice driver, decide to forego those rules to create your own, it causes problems. It causes swearing and middle fingers. In other words, it causes problems and that when you become a bad driver.

Look, I’m not a goody-two-shoes, by-the-book driver. I’m not even a good driver but I’m also not a “nice” driver that creates my own stop signs and crosswalks.