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DIY kiddie table on the cheap

Our kid is almost one-and-a-half so she’s walking running everywhere looking for stuff to do. Even though she’s almost 18-months, she’s a shorty and thus a lot of the kiddie tables and chairs I saw in the store just looked too big, plus they were pretty expensive. So I decided to make her my own table…for less than $10.

A table can’t be that hard, right? Four legs and a top. I went to Home Depot to see what I could cobble together and discovered something crazy simple that worked great. I took a ready-made shelf and four 12″ shelf brackets. The brackets turned out to make great legs and the height was perfect for her. She can stand at it and play with stickers, color and do whatever else she wants. It’s also more or less a throw-away table. If she wrecks it or draws all over it, no big deal.