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Die Hard is not a Christmas movie

Despite that Die Hard is commonly shown on television during the holidays, Die Hard is not a Christmas movie. I’ve had this debate with several people before but no one has yet to convince me otherwise. And you won’t.

Die Hard is simply not a Christmas movie because it’s not about Christmas. It takes place during Christmas but little else in the movie depends on it being Christmas time. If you could take Christmas out of Die Hard, the movie still works and is still one of the best action movies of all time.

Christmas movies are about Christmas, plain and simple. A Christmas Story is a Christmas movie. White Christmas, Christmas Vacation…all Christmas movies. Those are examples of movies about Christmas, thus making them Christmas movies.

A Christmas movie is one you would not otherwise watch outside of Christmas season. You can watch Die Hard at any time of the year and it wouldn’t be weird. Telling people you’re watching A Christmas Story in July is more of a bizarre thing.

Gremlins is another movie I’ve heard be considered a Christmas movie but it isn’t. Yes, it takes place and Christmas but you can happily watch Gremlins on any given weekend and enjoy it.

How about Lethal Weapon…you don’t consider that a Christmas movie, do you? It takes place during Christmas time.

Expect to see Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory a lot over the next couple months too…but is it a Christmas movie? They always seem to play it a lot during Thanksgiving and Christmas. No, it’s not. It’s a family-friendly movie and the holidays are when families are watching TV together. Don’t confuse convenient scheduling with the theme of the movie.

Just because tradition has us seeing certain movies at Christmas time every year doesn’t mean they are Christmas movies.