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Nintendo boss taking his lumps

Most of us aren’t C-level executives…or presidents…or vice-presidents…or any of the positions in a company that make the “big bucks.” And all too often we see the stories of execs raking in mad cash while employees are laid off and their company goes down in flames. How true those stories are is up for verification but at Nintendo it’s a little different.

I read a report at Polygon that Nintendo President Iwata is taking a pay cut for the lack of Nintendo’s sales. I don’t know how much he makes but it’s certainly a ton. Cut that in half even and he’s still at half a ton, so it’s easy to look at that and go, “well, he’s not hurting either way,” and that’s true but the fact that he’s getting a pay cut is refreshing to see.

I doubt it’s a self-imposed pay cut but that doesn’t matter. The point is, he’s not getting fired (or resigning) so that he can move into some other executive position. He is “suffering” with the rest of the company as Nintendo struggles to figure out how to be significant again.

Props to you, Iwata, for accepting the fact that Nintendo’s downfall has happened on your watch, and that you’re not just quitting.