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I still love my tablet

Some people think that tablets are done and over with. They’re too big, too limited. I guess it depends on your expectations in the first place but I still love my tablet and use it more than my phone.

I had two main purposes for wanting a tablet. One, I wanted a digital notebook. Two, I wanted one so I could build/test responsive web sites. Those two needs were met 10 fold with my iPad, which is now 2-years old for me.

A phone is just too small. Yes, it’s convenient for checking things quickly and taking pictures but how comfortable is it for watching Netflix? Not very. I don’t know how people can enjoy watching movies on such a small screen. Four-inches, 6-inches, whatever…still too small. I watch Netflix on my iPad but even that is pushing it and I rarely watch any feature films, usually just TV episodes or cartoons. Point is, I still do most of my watching on the couch in the front of television.

I have a big TV and I want to use it. I don’t have a media PC (yet) and Chromecast works well but just isn’t in enough places yet for the things I want to watch. If I’m in the mood to watch Robocop or Captain America, I’m going to do it on my couch, not on a screen that fits in my pocket.

It’s true that the tablet is still not a great place to create content (such as writing) but I never expected it too. Who wants a fake keyboard when they can have a real one?

I never saw the tablet as a replacement for a laptop. A tablet is a different device serving a different purpose. Nine times out of 10, I’ll grab the tablet when I’m sitting on the couch and check feeds, browse and whatever else while I’m watching TV. I don’t use my laptop because the tablet is faster and more convenient. If I need to blog or do something constructive, that’s when the laptop comes out to play.

Trends may show that phones and tablets are on a collision course when it comes to size – soon a single, 6-inch phone/tablet for everyone! That’s fine but for me it will still serve primary as a phone. I’m a fan of bigger screens on phones. I envy friends with Android phones while I squint at my iPhone, but it’s what I have. However, even if I had a 5-inch Android phone doesn’t mean I’d start using it as my primary movie-watching device.

A “large” tablet is ideal, if you ask me. The mini tablets aren’t bad but everything just ends up being easier to use when it’s bigger, plain and simple. Does my iPad fit in my pocket? No. But carrying it in my bag isn’t a hassle or inconvenience either.

I’m not looking for a silver bullet device but it appears that everyone else is. Maybe I’m just stuck in a pre-device mindset but I’m happy with a phone, tablet, laptop and television, each serving specific purposes. If something comes along that hits the sweet spot and reduces that count by one or two, that’s fine, I’ll be happy to buy it but I’m not jonesing for one right now.