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Be honest, do you need a wearable?

So I’m reading that wearables are now official since Google has talked about it…finally, the Dick Tracy watch is a reality. That’s great and all but some of the points in the Android video had me thinking about myself and what I feel are “most people.”

Jump ahead to the 1-minute mark to see the first swiping. The guy talks about “all the information you need” to start your day. First is weather. Fine…gotta know what to wear, right?

But after the short list just gets unusual to me. Swipe…next meeting time. Swipe…time to travel there. Swipe…email blurb.

Naturally, I’m trying to apply what I’m seeing to my life and shy of weather, nothing comes close. Maybe I’m just an odd man out (of millions) but do most people really need to know when their first meeting is? Or how long it takes to get there?

I work in an office with other people. My day starts at 9a when I arrive and it doesn’t take me outside of the office. Meetings are on my calendar (in Outlook) and checking that calendar on my laptop is plenty. Time to travel is not an issue, it’s 15-feet to the next room. Is that weird? Do most people really have to travel far to get to meetings? And do most people really worry about work before (or after) they regular work day? (If so, that’s another problem)

I’m just your average 9-to-5’er and I’m gonna bet that most people fall into that category, whether you’re flipping burgers or crunching numbers. Pick 100 employed people and I’d guess less than 20% have a job that has all-day meetings in different locations to the point where they’d need all that information on a watch rather than on their phone (or tablet).

I don’t want to discount the “future is here” feeling things like a computer watch bring but once you wipe away that haze is having your information shrunk down to the size of a quarter really useful?

I’m probably correct that it’s not any more useful but that doesn’t mean people won’t buy them by the gross at $200 a pop. Silly us.