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Make your own Fisher-Price Klip Klop track ramp

We got our daughter a Fisher-Price Klip Klop Stable playset for her birthday and while she loves watching the horses bounce down the ramp, I find their simplicity fascinating.

The horses are just plastic with a single hinge and a well-balanced design. When placed on the ramp, it wobbles back and forth making a “klip klop” sound. Genius and fun. However, I was disappointed in how short the ramps on the playset were. The horse action didn’t very last long so naturally I started to wonder if I could make my own longer ramp…and you can very easily.

Either by chance or by design (Fisher-Price is owned by Mattel), standard orange Hot Wheels track is the perfect width to support the Klip Klop horses. And just like that half of my challenge was solved, so now how do I get the horses to “gallop”?

Orange track by itself kinda worked although without a rough surface the horses often just slid or toppled over. Close but no cigar.

I looked through my Hot Wheels stuff and found some non-skid drawer liner…perfect.

Fisher-Price Klip-Klop ramp
Use non-skid drawer liner with Hot Wheels track

I cut the non-skid liner down to size to fit the Hot Wheels track, took some double-stick tape and viola…a super-long Klip Klop ramp. The non-skid rubber is just what the horses need to work. The horses also have rubber on their front feet which gets them traction needed to bounce back and forth.

The only real trick to getting the horses to work on your own custom ramp is the angle of the hill. Too steep and the horses tip over, too shallow and they klip or klop. This is just trial-and-error and will probably vary based on the length of your track. You’ll also need something rigid to put under the track, like cardboard or wood because the Hot Wheels track alone ends up bowing and causing problems for the horse.

By all rights you don’t even need the Hot Wheels track. You can put the non-skid liner on any surface and the Klip Klops will work just fine, but the orange track walls are perfect for keeping the horses straight.

So my daughter now has an ultra-long Klip Klop ramp for her horses.

Of course, this great toy DIY trick just begs to see if I can kick start some sort of custom Klip Klop racing league like I have for Hot Wheels. Because that’s all we need to see…a bunch of kids and adults taking apart Fisher-Price horses to add custom weights and paint jobs, then race them at the local YMCA on Sundays for cash and prizes.