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Why Wrestlemania will never come to Columbus

After Wrestlemania 30 last month, there were reports flying around talking about future sites of Wrestlemania and one of them was Columbus.

This was great to hear and as a life-long fan I’d love for nothing more than to be able to attend in my home town. But that’s never going to happen for one simple reason: the weather.

If you’ve spent even only a few years in Columbus (I’ve spent 35) you know the weather changes on a dime. For example, today it is almost 90. The other day it was 58 with crazy wind, and tomorrow it’s thunderstorms. This happens year-round too. In early April it’s anywhere from 20-60 degrees. Roll the dice. That’s just the way it is here and unfortunately the combination of wrestling and bad weather just don’t mix.

You can’t pin Mother Nature

The only viable location for a Wrestlemania in Columbus would be Ohio Stadium at OSU. It’s an outdoor stadium that seats 110,000 people (and it’s packed every Saturday during football season). Having Wrestlemania in that stadium would be a sight to behold. It would be spectacular and worthy of note in the Jedi archives, to say the least. And not to mention that’s a lot of tickets being sold.

Ohio Stadium
Tell me that Ohio Stadium wouldn’t be the best venue for Wrestlemania

But alas, I just don’t see how WWE can take the risk given the unpredictable Ohio weather. The technological circus wrestling has become doesn’t lend itself to rain, cold or snow. And to be honest, spectator acceptance doesn’t either. Yeah, I’d buy a ticket to go but that doesn’t mean I’d enjoy sitting in a downpour while watching a cage match.

Wrestlemania has been in outdoor stadiums before but only in areas where the weather is almost always nice or at least consistent…namely, Florida and out West.

It’s just too bad. Ohio is a huge pro wrestling state, always has and always will be. There are a lot of fans here that would love to see the “showcase of the immortals” come to town, but I guess we’re just destined to travel.