How long can you survive? Work your way down the Zombie Road with your small aresnal of guns and blast zombie flesh as long as you can. And while you’re at, save a few humans...if you can.

Nothing too fancy here. Just some classic arcade action set in the popular Metal Slug world.

Download Zombie Road v1.4 (5Mb, Windows)
Released 05/08/2007

Zombie bites: Press and reviews

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Just run the file you download and it will install the game and create the desktop icon and Start Menu groups. Use the provided uninstall program if you want remove the game from your computer.

How to play

Playing the game

Shoot the zombies to get points and stay alive. Killing zombies will randomly drop bonus items, like health and ammo. Just run the items over to pick them up. You can switch guns only when you have ammo. When you run out of ammo your guns will switch automatically.

You can only exit a board when the arrow exit signs are flashing. If you don't exit while the sign is flashing it will turn off and you'll have to stay on that board until the sign lights up again. You can go forward (right) or back to any board.

You can get super bonus points if you save the human on the last board. Just run into him and he will follow you around. Protect him and take him all the way back to the first board and drop him off in one of the trucks. You will get bonus points and your health fully restored. But if the human is touched by a zombie he turns into one! If this happens, a new human is ready and waiting when you re-enter the last board.

Why Metal Slug?

Zombie Road is set in the Metal Slug universe because, frankly, there were lots of Metal Slug resources to make the game. This game is a result of a month’s worth of learning to use Game Maker, a popular engine for making homebrew games.

And it’s free

Zombie Road is free because it wasn’t created to make money. It was created out of the challenge to learn something new. Plus, we’d certainly get sued if this was more than just a fan game.

More than you want to know

For more on the story behind Zombie Road, check out the article at Morning Toast

What's next...Zombie Road 2? first I thought this was going to be it, but after the response the game is getting and the fun I had making it, Zombie Road 2 will be made. It will probably be your typical sequel with more of the same but with a few extras thrown in and little harder. Thanks for all the feedback on this game - it will all be considered as I make future games.

The Game Maker Community was the best resource and I thank all those who posted code in the forum that I either used out right or as a base for making this game.


And by "press" we mean places where we've seen Zombie Road pop up for one reason or another. If you see any other places on the web, send a message so we can add a link!

Send feedback

I'd love to hear what you think of Zombie Road. You can send mail to me with your comments or post at the GM Community or on my YoYo Games profile.

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Game updates

UPGRADING: If you are upgrading to a new version, just run the installer like normal and the new version will install over the old version. Your high scores will not be harmed. (If you are from v1.0/1.1 you may need to delete the old zombieroad folder manually to insure the new installation works.)

DISCLAIMER: This game is in no way affiliated or endorsed by the Metal Slug brand or its owners, SNK. All logos, images, sounds, and characters are trademarks of their respective owners and were used entirely without permission. This is fan game that is offered free as-is. This game is not supported by the owners of this web site, the game creators, or any other body or company. Play and enjoy entirely at your own risk.