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Continuing tales from Counselor’s Corner

I’ll never get tired of doing interviews with former Nintendo Power Game Play Counselors. This being the fifth interview in the series, I admit it gets hard to ask different questions but this time my subject took his time to elaborate like none of the others.

Big thanks to Thomas Zuccotti for taking the time to do the interview (any my apologies for taking so long to get it published). Continue reading

Yet more tales from Counselor’s Corner

I must be doing something right as yet another former Nintendo Power Game Play Counselor has fallen into my interview trap! Unsuspecting ex-GPC Matthew Glidden stumbled across what is quickly becoming a GPC Hall of Fame and made the mistake of leaving a comment…so naturally he had to be interviewed. Continue reading

Even more tales from Counselor’s Corner

The internet strikes again! Once more bringing me in direct contact with an ex-Game Play Counselor from the old Nintendo Power days. Yes, this episode continues the now three-part series on Tales from Counselor’s Corner. The on-line radiance of my old letters to Nintendo Power seem to be a beacon to ex-GPCs. Continue reading

More tales from Counselor’s Corner

As if finding one of the former Nintendo Game Counselors that helped me back in the day wasn’t treat enough, this time they found me! If you missed the first article about my lost Nintendo Power letters, go check it out, and then continue on with my interview with Kirk Starr, the ex-GPC that I happened to find while doing research for the first article. This time another ex-GPC, Kasey Curtis, found me and left a comment on the article. Kasey, like Kirk, also wrote me back when I was still young and playing and his letter is included in the Lost Letters collection. And you know I couldn’t let Kasey get away without asking him about his experience at the Big N too. Continue reading