Battle Roller

Use this caluclator to decide large battles when playing RISK. Click Prepare for battle to reset the form. Read more

Prepare for a new battle

Offense army
Size of army
Must survive (>= 1)
Dice to roll
Defense army
Size of army
Dice to roll
Number of rolls (Empty for complete battle)

Reset form

Why a battle roller?

...because RISK takes a long time to play. While fun, RISK can easily kill an entire day, and as you draw close to the end of the game when armies have 60+ men under their command, rolling becomes very daunting. This is where the calculator comes in.

The Battle Roller is intended for big battles. It can be used for small battles but is really overkill in that scenario. Just fill in the form with the numbers from your army and let the battle play out in a second. Then just clean up your armies and keep playing.

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